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The first definition of subject in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is a matter in question. Another meaning of subject in the dictionary is subject or argument of a work. Subject is also that which is represented in a pictorial or sculptural composition. Otro significado de asunto en el diccionario es tema o argumento de una obra.

Vivir es un asunto urgente

Synonyms and antonyms of asunto in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms. And also until Groome appeared, newcomers were a nullity as an active political force, exerting little influence in city affairs. AACR2 generally recommends collocation although it is suggested that the extent of collocation and the need for uniform titles is a matter for local decisions.

A book index is an alphabetically arranged list of words or terms leading the reader to the numbers of pages on which specific topics are considered, or on which specific names appear. The librarian generally looks at the book's title, subtitle, preface, contents list, etc, in order to determine the subject matter. I think this whole business about whether punctuation is obtrusive or not is quite honestly not worth discussing.

The question is not how much time we have, but what we do with it and how we utilize it. Her article lays emphasis on some of the concerns that are important to the continued development of effective information policies. Some early codes included recommendations for filing practices and subject headings, but these are usually now the subject of a separate list or set of rules. From the professional point of view a MLS degree is a requirement; but these two statements only touch the tip of the iceberg.

In such cases a preliminary consultation of the printed indexes can often so clarify matters that an on-line search becomes feasible. These denunciations make libraries look both sanctimonious and hypocritical for trying to save the world when they have failed to put ther own house in order.

Literacy teaching is not a burning issue in library education but it warrants attention. A panel of experts representing the various sectors of the serials industry - librarians, publishers, and subscription agents - gave participants the chance to answer a number of burning questions. When you're handed a hot potato such as the sickly economy, as is the case with President Obama, the responsible solution is to let it cool down.

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  • Synonyms and antonyms of asunto in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms.

Futurology has become a hot topic in today's world, particularly for managers. The problems of piracy, misappropriation and counterfeiting of intellectual property rights are a hot issue in international trade. They are not providing books and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Her art objects such as clocks, brooches, candlesticks, boxes, and picture frames deal with matters of weight , balance, and time. I am concerned with matters of consequence , I don't amuse myself with balderdash. In his weekly address President Obama refocused on two domestic issues looming: health care and jobs.

This probably has more to do with that and the fact that the movie is about Hitler, which is still a sore subject in Germany. Hence comparison is known to be a sore spot for men because it challenges their ego and masculinity. The sore points in most marriages are money, sex and children. The hectic pace of developments in IT applications has raised many sensitive issues for educators. Sex education in schools has always been a thorny subject. Government-imposed tightening of mortgage qualifications has clearly been a red-hot topic.

But if these seven, red-hot issues are any indicator, don't expect things to cool off any time soon.

He has signalled he will take a tough stance on prickly issues such as outsourcing, and limits on exports of sensitive technology. Thorny issues involve data migration, as well as a guarantee of perpetual access, while ensuring preservation of authorship and ownership.

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Indeed, one reason for the reluctance of librarians to donate weeded materials to less-advantaged groups may be that such donations raise the thorny question of intrinsic worth. Who should judge the judges has always been a prickly question. Some people maintain that reading must be a ' family affair '.

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Therapeutic lying can be practical and effective in matters of no consequence. His task is to assist staff deal with work-related issues and personal issues that may be affecting their work. This is further evidence of their sincere desire to clear up any unresolved matters and safeguard against similar issues in the future. Most library use is for leisure reading or for helping solving immediate personal or life issues e.

If there must be formal introductions and votes of thanks, at least see that there are no lengthy public speeches that pre-empt the visitor's reason for being there at all, and that matters are kept as unembarrassing as possible. Libraries are steeped in politics which affect not only important, high level decisions but also everyday matters such as the location of a workstation or decaffeinated coffee. If your friend is important to you, make time for her and keep her in the loop regarding everyday issues. This weekly tabloid newspaper covering domestic and foreign affairs , sport, culture, everyday matters and television programmes.

The current round of negotiations will leave much unfinished business to be carried over to subsequent rounds. Events such as the bloody confrontation in Tiananmen Square, political campaigns, military conflicts and other such events are becoming everyday occurrences that hourly revise global affairs and exert their influence on local circumstances.

All librarians working in public service positions should keep current in world affairs and special areas of interest in their library. The present Minister of Internal Affairs has worked out a campaign on local freedom of information.

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The article recommends increased financial aid to public and children's libraries, appointment of qualified librarians, and freedom for librarians in the internal affairs of libraries. The use of private car for official business is subject to prior approval from the administration. Payment for time not worked includes vacations, sick leave, holidays, and leave because of National Guard duty, jury duty, death in the family, and personal business. The library must impart that knowledge of public affairs and of the history of the neighbourhood which a citizen must possess.

On another topic , how much trust and confidence do you have at this time in your mayor and city council, when it comes to handling city problems?. On another matter , in many cases it is cheaper to pay workers for overtime than it is to hire more people.

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