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Additionally, leverage your website, email lists, and other social media platforms to ask your followers in those communities to follow you on Twitter as well. RT HubSpot: Twitter is fun!

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Use the hashtag on relevant keywords so the right audience finds you. Unlike a Retweet, though, it does not allow you to reshare the original tweet with your audience.

Twitter Chats: The Untapped Market

To do this, though, you must first follow the person, and he or she must follow you too. This leaves enough characters for your followers to Retweet your tweets. Abbreviating text and using symbols are two easy ways to do this. Twitter also helps out by automatically altering the length of any URLs you include to 22 characters. But no matter how concise your messages are, they still must be relevant and valuable for your audience.

Create content on Twitter that gets noticed by your followers and makes them keep coming back to see what you have to say. One easy way to stand out is by embedding your own media to your tweets—be it a video or photo. As users scroll through their feed, the visual appeal of your tweets will help them rise to the surface.

A personal account is typically focused on getting more followers. Businesses need to do more, however. Grow brand awareness — Interacting on Twittter, using hashtags, replying to people, and retweeting content attracts followers.

How To Use Twitter For Business – Basics, Pro Tips & Tools To Make More Sales

These are great ways to grow your audience and raise awareness for your brand. Provide customer service — Most businesses provide direct customer service on Twitter, and many have a dedicated account just for that. Bank of America , for example, has a dedicated Twitter customer service team. These professionals can assist with any account-related questions and treat Twitter like a phone call, email, or web chat. A recent survey found 85 percent of Twitter users expect businesses to have customer service on Twitter.

Connect with influencers — Twitter lets you discover new content and people. The best way to grow your audience is to connect with influencers who share your content with their circles. Of course, data is key to any successful marketing initiative. Twitter Ads have two ways to track this — transaction values and key conversion tags.

You can see demographics like gender, marital status, and household income, along with interests, buying styles, and even the wireless carrier being used to access mobile Twitter.

Using transaction values and key conversion tags on your website, whenever a Twitter user clicks a link within a tweet to make a purchase on your website, the transaction is imported into Twitter analytics. Other interactions to track on Twitter include impressions, likes, retweets, replies, followers, URL clicks, and profile views.

When tracked over time, these metrics provide an overview of how your brand is performing on Twitter. And as shown above, your five most recent tweets will show up in search engines and be the most prominent things shown on your Twitter profile within the platform too. Twitter engagement increased 99 percent from to , and that trend is expected to continue through Visual content especially videos is driving that engagement. Tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos and five times more people discover new video content through Twitter than other sources.

In fact, Twitter ranks as the number one platform for discovering new video content. This makes video content crucial to share with your followers. The first thing you should do is to integrate Twitter with your website. Twitter has options to integrate a lot with your website, including:. You can also embed your timeline on your website to show a livestream of current tweets in real time. Several third-party apps also enable tweet scheduling and more in-depth analytics. Here are the best Twitter tools for Buffer is used by many professional to schedule tweets and posts for other social networks throughout the month.

Twitter Marketing The Basics - Beverly Cornell

Tweets perform best from 9am-3pm, with 12pm and 5pm being the most optimal times for engagement. Rather than sitting by your computer at these times, use Buffer to schedule tweets for maximum impact. Whereas Buffer is a comprehensive social media scheduling tool, Hootsuite was designed as a one-stop-shop for social media management.

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  7. Not only can you schedule posts, but you can also track in-depth analytics for all social networks in one place. SocialOomph is a popular freemium service that lets you schedule tweets, track keywords, extend your profiles, and more. You can also tweet via email, manage DMs, purge tweets, and more for up to five Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is a desktop Twitter manager owned by Twitter itself. So, you've got an awesome business idea and you've made the decision you're going SEO Advertising in Australia is a sophisticated task, and as we come into , Digital Advertising in Australia is so essential despite whether you are a local business Market research is one of the most crucial source of information that a marketing In today's ever-changing online environment, it's paramount that companies Google's best practices to make Customer Profiles are a way to envision and understand your ideal customer.

    It is In today's competitive market of digitalisation and globalisation, it's essential for businesses to employ In today's extreme environment of online marketing, there's no question that content is king Manage your own business is a challenge, perhaps more than it was all line Any person mentioned in a tweet is notified, being a practical way to interact with other members publicly Direct Message DM — A private message characters sent to another member.