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So, how exactly did Amazon get to be so successful? It's not the customers' job to invent for themselves. It's our job at Amazon.

The Success Secret – Featuring Jack Canfield

Take every individual customer and put them at the center of their own universe. As Bezos explained, Amazon's goal was to "uplift the worldwide standards for customer service and customer centricity.

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Mission accomplished. In fact, the first principle in Amazon's list of 14 leadership principles is Customer Obsession:.

Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. Most importantly, it teaches you to have more self-esteem and to follow great advices from winners. It was an extraordinary moment for me, one I will always cherish.

I wanted to cry, laugh, scream, dance so many emotions were swirling around in my mind. I was speechless then I babbled a bit.

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And I continue to be committed to that. One key point I learned in those early frightening times was for my life to change I needed to change. Obviously my health needed to improve but I needed to work on the inside too, my mind, my thinking. Overall my health and wellness evolution was going to be like peeling an onion layer by layer and dealing with what each new layer produced, then, removing another layer and so on. One thing was certain that process would continue for years, and it has … and still is, and it will continue. I describe what I did to be where I am today helping others to deal with and move beyond their high hurdles, so they too can achieve a goal, even a new beginning.

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Jack Canfield was inspiration to speak and the warmth that emanated from him was engulfing. As a co-author in the wildly successful Chicken Soup Series he continues to pen more profound books.

The Chicken Soup series has now sold over 10 million books, but in total Jack has sold over million books which is why it was such an honour to meet him and co-author a book with him.