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No, the Toronto Police Service will not enforce the sign; however, enforcement of the posted speed limit is feasible. Are These Signs Enforceable?

Where Can I Place the Sign? On public property between the curb or the edge of the roadway and the property line.

Inserted into the ground using the wire frame only. Where it will not obstruct sight lines for pedestrians, cyclists or drivers. As supplied and without further illumination or the use of reflective tape.

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Where can the sign not be placed? Anywhere that obstructs a sidewalk.

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Nor were there any wires or relays to impede and slow down communication. After a short time all three boys had to slow down to a walk.

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But it's going to slow down the work I'm doing on the Mayor's campaign for re-election! And maybe another ten to give the capsule time to slow down. With eighteen feet covered, their progress began to slow down.