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Muslims, however, have a different understanding of what it means to be Messiah.

Jesus is the one whom God the Father chose and anointed to deliver his people from their sins—to offer himself as the sacrifice on behalf of sinners and to, thereby, redeem them and make them a people for himself. Some Muslims misunderstand Christian teaching regarding the Trinity.

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We share in their abhorrence at such a thought! The correct response to the mystery of the Trinity—one Being, three persons—is worship.

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Again, that gives us a common starting place for conversation. Christians have very much the same definition of a prophet. A prophet comes and speaks the very word of God. Hearing the words of Jesus and knowing you are obligated to obey the prophets makes for a very interesting quandary for the honest Muslim. This was the kind of thing that led me to leave Islam and accept the truth about Christ.

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Larry Ross. Former President of Malawi Joyce Banda. First Lady of Rwanda Jeannette Kagame. American University of Cairo - Dr. Taher Chair.

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Ricciadone and the VP Ms. Dina Abulfotuh. Anyone involved in Christian-Muslim relations knows that both sides too frequently inflame distrust and misunderstanding.

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I was always wondering about the best way to build bridges with Christians and the best way to help them know what the Qur'an says, the way I understand it, a book of peace. Finally this book gives me both of my wishes. It represent the Qur'an in a simple way that is easy to understand and it shows the common ground both Christianity and Islam have.

I invite everyone interested to learn more about both Islam and Christianity to read it.

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I had been seeing a lot of references to this book through friends on the Facebook. I finally decided to purchase the book. First, the translation of the Quran is excellent. It is easily understood and the language flows beautifully. Also, I was really appreciative of the references to the Bible.

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It really does mean a lot to me that my Muslim and Jewish brothers and sisters share so many spiritual concepts and principles. In these times when Islam is in the news every day, it is nice to have this book to shed light instead of just generating heat.