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The post Armageddon fulfilment is only an addition to this centricity around Watchtower Society application. However, this and other restoration prophecies include features that will also find a physical fulfillment in the Paradise earth. Likewise the Isaiah book shows that Isaiah 11 was fulfilled in Jewish times, with its secondary fulfilment in The concept that this refers to a future paradise is almost an afterthought.

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Revelation also discusses "a new heavens and a new earth" and is based in part on Isaiah This passage follows on from the final destruction of Satan Revelation , placing the establishment of the new earth after the 1, year reign of Christ. For this reason, some Christians understand that there will be a new earth created once perfection has again been achieved at the end of Christ's reign. Others are content to admit that God's purpose and the final fulfilment is yet to be fully revealed.

It was only on one occasion that Jesus discusses the earth. He made two statements that are often used by Jehovah's Witnesses as 'proof' that the righteous will live forever on earth.

However, these scriptures do not state that the earth will last forever or that people will live on it. The first statement from Jesus is at Matthew "Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth. Most Witnesses are unaware of their own teaching on this scripture, as even the Watchtower does not say that this scripture applies to the Other Sheep.

The Watchtower doctrine is that the meek referred to in this passage is Jesus and the earth is his inheritance. Sharing this inheritance with Jesus Christ will be his "bride," those footstep followers of his, limited to ,, who will receive a heavenly reward. How so?


In that they will hold the earth in trust for Christ and his bride, permanent tenants, as it were. Following this statement Jesus went on to recite the Lord's Prayer, stating at Matthew ; "Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. The Lord's Prayer does not state that the earth is to last forever or be lived on.

In fact this scripture contradicts Watchtower doctrine as it indicates God's will was already done in heaven when Jesus made this statement. Watchtower depictions of paradise contain surreal images of tamed animals, children, and luxury houses separated by many kilometres of parkland. These pictures may well lure people to the religion, wishing to belong to such a world, but are not based on any form of reality.

Certainly, without death there will be no children, as the earth would soon fill to capacity. These pictures include complex materials used to create beautiful houses and bound books. Yet this world appears to contain no infrastructure; no roads, factories or electricity. If people are going to travel, research, and enjoy many of wonders of modern life, there will need to be modern infrastructure, unlike what is portrayed in almost all Watchtower depictions of the New System. There are also very few people shown to be inhabiting vast amounts of land.

A logistical question is, "If all the dead are to be resurrected onto earth, will they all fit? The figure of 20 billion is highly dubious, with the real figure likely to be several times greater than this. To highlight how little effort has gone into using a correct figure note that the Watchtower has been using the same number for over years now. In , The Way to Paradise p.

Unless you repent you will perish

In , the Insight book was still using the same estimate of 20 billion people, despite 9 billion people having been born during the 's. The figure used by the Watchtower Society is without basis and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that billion people have been born over the last 2, thousand years alone. The earth has ,, km of land although only approximately 31,, km is arable. With 6 billion people the average amount of land per person is 5 acres. This is unsustainable by any ecological model.

Paradise in Heaven and on Earth

However the figure is even less, as the entire world can never be arable, as this would entail not only growing crops on the highest rocky mountains, but also clearing all forests. To understand the magnitude of these figures, in China had people per square kilometer; with billion people resurrected there would be over people per square kilometer. If billion people were to be resurrected on to earth there would not be a paradise of sparsely populated tracts of land, filled with smiling children living in mansions.

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Will the earth exist forever? Of course this is impossible. It is an undisputed scientific fact that the earth will end, agreeing with Isaiah that "like a garment the earth itself will wear out". Consider the following indications that the earth was not designed to last forever. Just as wood turns to energy and disintegrates in a fire, over time the sun will be consumed of all matter.

Once the hydrogen at its core has all converted into helium the sun will expand into a red giant and envelop the earth. As the helium runs out the sun will then contract into a white dwarf. Additionally, the earth's core temperature is cooling. The time will come when this leads to the magnetic fields ceasing and the earth losing its atmosphere. This is what happened to Mars, and will lead to the earth no longer being able to support life. Even the moon was not designed to remain forever orbiting the earth.

Currently the moon moves a further 3. For the earth to remain forever, Jehovah would be required to rewrite the universal laws he instigated at creation. The Fundamentalist answer to this is that "with God all things are possible". If God says the earth will stay forever, he will make sure it does.

God has the power to refuel the sun or reheat the earth's core. For instance the Watchtower says:. Though theoretically possible for God, such a line of argument allows anyone to believe anything. This view also contradicts one of the apparent proofs for a God; the structured order in the universe. If the universe is mathematically perfect, as Jehovah's Witnesses state, God is going against his order of things to change the destiny of the sun.

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In fact, if with God all things are possible, why did he create things in such a way that the sun is dying? Why not just create the universe in such a way as to last forever?

Invasive Species: Tree of Heaven

In line with science, the Bible states at 2 Peter ,13 that the "heavens being on fire will be dissolved and [the] elements being intensely hot will melt! But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell. Nature itself indicates that earthly life is not to be immortal. Well before the sin of Adam God had put into creation, both living and inanimate, the tendency to decay. Animals and vegetation did not inherit sin, yet all living animals and vegetation die as the natural order of life. Genesis explains God removed Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden to prevent them from eating from the tree of life to prevent the from living "to time indefinite", indicating they were not created immortal.

God's followers look forward to receiving things not of this world, things previously unseen and not heard. There is no indication humans will live forever on this earth. No Scripture says mankind will be resurrected onto earth, whereas the Bible regularly discusses a heavenly resurrection. Use of the word paradise generally refers to heaven and Revelation places the Great Crowd in heaven. The doctrine that Jehovah's Witnesses will never die but survive to live forever on paradise earth is core to present Watchtower teaching. For over a century Watchtower followers have thought they will not die.

A number of generations of Witnesses that expected to live forever are now dead. While the majority of people learn to accept death as a certainty, children raised as Jehovah's Witnesses do not prepare themselves for old age emotionally or financially. They wait as Watchtower promises go unfulfilled decade upon decade.