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Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies Why a great education means engaging with controversy. Videos Lateral thinking: How to workshop innovative ideas. Regarding optical illusions, framing, and choice. Take a look at these two lines, and decide which is longer: Now, look at these circles. Which are lighter, and which are darker? Directions for Deception. Ubiquitous Watergate. Ubiquitous Deception. Chemical Deception. Helping in False Emergencies. Aggression and Pleasuring. Life with Bogus Strangers. Into the Nineties. Questions of Right and Wrong.

Informed Consent in Medicine and Law. The Deception Debate. Vulnerable Experimenters. Did Psychologists Break the Law? The Albany Shock Experiments. The Pittsburgh Victims. PLoS One, 10 3 : e Yamaguchi, N. Langages, , 31— Kern Lidil, 51 , 89— Yoo, H. Revue de Traitement Automatique des Langues , T. Quotative constructions and prosody in some Afroasiatic languages: Towards a typology. An exploration of rhythmic grouping of speech sequences by French- and German-learning infants.

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Prosodic grouping at birth. Brain and Language, , Breaking the unwritten language barrier: the BULB project. Bendjaballah S. Journal of Semitic Studies. Corpus Bijeljac-Babic, R. Early prosodic acquisition in bilingual infants: the case of the perceptual trochaic bias.

Frontiers in Psychology , , doi: Bonami, Olivier et Beniamine, Sarah. Joint predictiveness in inflectional paradigms. Word Structure 2: Bril, Isabelle. Information Structure in Northern Amis Formosan : a morphosyntactic analysis.

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Oceanic linguistics 55 2 : Burnett, Heather. Linguistic Variation. Caudal, Patrick. Edited by Emmanuelle Labeau and Qiaochao Zhang. Chirkova, Katia, Franz K. Huber, Caroline S. Weckerle, Henriette Daudey, Gerong Pincuo. Crysmann, Berthold et Olivier Bonami. Variable morphotactics in Information-based Morphology. Journal of Linguistics Demasi, R. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Demolin, D.


Clicks, stop bursts, vocoids and the timing of articulatory gestures in Rwanda. Studies in African Linguistics 45 , Crevier-Buchman, L. The vowel system of Nasa Yuwe. The morpho-phonological system of gender in French. Morphology, special issue on allomorphy Ferey, D.

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    Diachronica 33 1. On the directionality of analogy in a Dhegiha paradigm. International Journal of American Linguistics 8 2. Journal of Chinese Linguistics 44 1. Linguistics Vanguard doi Lafkioui, Mena.