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Joe Duncan Follow. I Love You Relationships now. Love Relationships Marriage Health Self. From Los Angeles, California, a professional writer and political activist. Owner of Moments of Passion and Unusual Universe. I Love You Follow. Write the first response. But at the same time — have you ever boarded a flight just to sit next to someone for five hours? Yes, I imagine we could schedule our interactions for conferences where our schedules overlap — love is patient, love is kind, love waits its turn, right?

I want to go out of my way, and I expect the same from you. I want to take a wrecking ball to my existing world and rebuild an existence where our relationship has a proper, sprawling space. I want a Taj Majal in the middle of an otherwise crowded urban landscape. Once upon a time, a dear friend of mine thought he might hook me up with a friend of his. It seemed like a no-brainer. I am not one to expect offerings of any sort during courtship.

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But Hank wanted to give me a gift. He asked me what my favorite flower was. He then made a critical error — he asked me if I could find out where he could get these for cheap in Los Angeles, because all the places he had researched online were really overpriced. More interesting than a trunk wrapped in exotic orchids that sets you back a few thousand is a heart-felt letter. Or some origami flowers. I like this because of how simple it is — nothing extravagant, just candies. Simple, I know. But it ties into the inconvenient aspect of romance. He could have used those two hours to have lunch, but instead, he spent those hours making these little deliveries.

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind”

The best gifts, without a doubt, occur when one least expects them. I was reminded of this recently when my friend Jason gave me a book of equations. He saw it while he was at a bookstore, thought of me immediately and bought it because he felt I had to have it. Not the sort that happens on a birthday or a holiday because it must, but rather, because someone happened to think of you at a completely unrelated moment. A few months ago, a dear writer friend of mine, Rita Arens, e-mailed about a new piece she was working on about the power of the written word, which prompted me to dig up love letters that I had written over the course of a decade.

For example, he had once mentioned he felt objectified by me. The comment was so shocking and horrifying — it had been said one evening that I was trying to seduce him away from his work — that it had caused me to become intolerably self-conscious of any form of sexual expression toward him. I wondered, as I looked over these love letters, most of which were odes of desperate want, whether they were similar to conversations about only negative aspects of a relationship.

Being a creature of the Web, I immediately opened a new tab in my browser and, after a brief pause, I logged in to Tumblr, a platform that allows you to make a digital scrapbook with images, video and audio, and I began composing what I like to call my interactive love letter. This monument to romance is populated with memories, with images that remind me of things or inspire my desire, with songs, with quotes from other people who freely explore their desires, and in so doing inspire me to find my own bliss, however different.

What I find most compelling about the interactive love letter is that one can invite contributors. A couple can literally post to the same scrapbook from different accounts.

Imagine that. Imagine an ode you write together, for no reason other than to share adoration — one you can access from anywhere you happen to be and take it with you in your pocket via your choice mobile device. Why, yes. Yes, it is. Do it. Take a chance. Inconvenience yourself. May 14, Elisa Rolle added it.

In a way the three stories in this anthology are very related, other than being by the same author.

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All the three couples are made by a small in body but with a sparkly behavior man and by a strong man but with a gentle heart. No Vacancy: Manuel is an undercover cop that one night comes back home after some week to find his room sub-letting to a stranger. John is a wanna-to-be actor who didn't know the romm he was renting was not free from his former occupying.

When he awakes at night In a way the three stories in this anthology are very related, other than being by the same author. When he awakes at night to find a man intruding in his room, he thinks first at a thief and then at a molester. After the shock, John is quite ready to arrive at some pact with the handsome big man Manuel is not the classical tough cop, he is a big man but with a gentle soul, and he just had a bad experience in love, with another actor. So he is not so ready to be involved with another man in the category, even more when John behaves like a man with a very small brain.

But John is not so bad, he is quite innocent, if not in body, in mind: he is friendly and sensitive, he also tries to put a patch between Manuel and his former lover, and only when Manuel makes clear that he is not interested in his ex boyfriend, only then John makes a move on him. The first time he meets Mario, he thinks to have found him, but then a stupid event makes him think that Mario is a man-eater, and so Paul has not the courage to bring their relationship to a next level.

Mario remains on the side and Paul moves on the next Mr Right, Phil. Phil is not so handsome like Mario, he is more like Paul, an average man who Paul thinks has the same idea on life. But when Phil reveals to be a cheater of the worst breed, Mario is right there to support and comfort Paul, but Paul again has not the force to take his chance on him. In this story Paul, with his stubbornness in finding Mr Right and always ending with nothing in hands, is only lucky to have a man like Mario. Mario is true and sincere, he maybe suffers of the sentence to be too handsome, and so people think that he can't suffer for love, since he can't being real in love.

My Name is Dane: Mark is the only "straight" man of his family When his little sister accuses her boss to be the father of her unborn child, Mark's brother kidnaps the culprit But Dane, this is the name of the hunk, claims that he is not the right man, that he can't be Julie's baby's father since he is gay! And Mark is quite interested in that information, since he is pretty drawn by the man, even if he doesn't believe to his sincerity.

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But Dane not only is not the man Mark's believes he is, he is not even the man he pretends to be A very enjoyable anthology, with three stories one better than the other, even if, to me, Mario and Paul's pair is the best. Another common event in all the stories, is that the sex is joyous and easy, without complications. Jan 20, Susan Laine rated it it was ok Shelves: top2bottom-reviews. I thought it was mainly rubbish. The writing was good, but the stories themselves… Let me explain. In the first story, No Vacancy, Manuel breaks into an apartment and is hit over the head with a baseball bat—and he continues like nothing happened!

A Most Inconvenient Love

Completely insane. And this is just the beginning! Manuel is a detective, so when John gets the police involved when Manuel threatened John with implied rape and murder, the cops apologize to Manuel and leave! I suppose all the above was supposed to be humorous, but NO. Someone else might find all this funny. Have at it.