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All she does is avert herself: avert her lips, avert her eyes. She lets him lay her out on the bed and undress her: she even helps him, raising her arms and then her hips. Little shivers of cold run through her; as soon as she is bare, she slips under the quilted counterpane like a mole burrowing, and turns her back on him. Not rape, not quite that but undesired nevertheless, undesired to the core.

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As though she had decided to go slack, die within herself for the duration, like a rabbit when the jaws of the fox close on its neck. So that everything done to her might be done, as it were, far away. JJ is still forced to work undercover as a hitman, while trying to assimilate back to normal life. Little Things , Season 3 In this season of the Indian rom-com series, the leading couple must deal with the complications of a long-distance relationship for the first time.

The Stranded New series Netflix's first-ever Thai series is about students at an elite school on an island who must fend for themselves after a major tsunami hits.

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The Club New series Young people in Mexico try and fail at selling ecstasy and end up getting in trouble with the cartel in this gritty teen drama. Earthquake Bird Film Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough star in this twisty crime drama about an ex-pat living in Tokyo Vikander who gets caught up in a strange love triangle and eventually becomes a prime murder suspect when Keough's character goes missing. House Arrest Film An offbeat Indian rom-com about an agoraphobic man, who refuses to leave his house, and his reluctant relationship with an inquisitive journalist.

The popular series about the British monarchy is continuing with an all-new cast, focusing on Tobias Menzies and Helena Bonham Carter also join the ensemble. Iliza: Unveiled Comedy special Iliza Shlesinger's latest Netflix special about all of the planning that went into her recent wedding. Here, she's a disillusioned teacher with whom a time-traveling knight Josh Whitehouse falls in love.

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Mortel New series While searching for her missing brother, a teenage girl and her friend strike a deal with a supernatural force who gives them mystical powers to help find him in this French series. High Seas , Season 2 A handful of new mysterious passengers join the cast in Season 2 of this thriller set aboard a '40s ship traveling to Rio de Janeiro. Nailed It! Narcoworld: Dope Stories New docuseries An examination of illegal drug trades around the world. Singapore Social New reality series A reality show about a group of Singaporean socialites.

Atlantics Film Set in a Senegalese suburb, a romance unfolds between a teenage girl and a young man who returns home after presumably disappearing at sea.

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  6. Sugar Rush Christmas New reality series A new special version of the popular baking competition Sugar Rush with Christmas-inspired challenges. Soundtrack Film A musical drama set in LA following a number of love stories of people brought together by music. The familiar names of David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg are covered, with fascinating information about their backgrounds and the pivotal moments that set them on their earth-saving quests.

    Throughout the tone is — importantly and commendably — engaging and easily readable yet refreshingly grown-up, in that its audience of young readers are never talked-down to about big issues. Teeming with heart, hope and humanity, this non-fiction treasure is ideal for reading alone or using in the classroom. Level 7: Fiction Saturn - Reading age: years July Clare tucks a letter into the time capsule being buried at her school in honour of the Apollo 11 Moon landings. A letter containing information about space exploration which nobody could possibly know July Space-geek Ryan is given a letter from the same time capsule.

    A letter written by someone called Clare, who seems to have been able to predict the future Could time travel really be possible? As far as sixteen-year-old Alice is concerned, there is no more important issue to campaign for than ensuring women get the right to vote.

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    By contrast, her sister Rose is uncertain over whether to support the Suffragette movement that Alice is so passionate about, or to be more like her beloved Granny who believes change can only be achieved through peaceful protest. While the Suffragettes - and Alice - become involved in increasingly dangerous activities to support their cause, Rose is dealing with the effects of the start of World War I, and wondering whether she will ever get the chance to become someone who makes a difference in the world.

    Will both girls be able to achieve their dreams without risking their lives and going against their own beliefs? In these challenging times for our planet, children feel a particular pressure to take action. This book offers them the information they need to understand the issues as well as ideas and advice on the steps they themselves can take to improve things. The information is clearly laid out and very easy to digest. A new Timmy Failure book is always a cause for celebration and this is another glorious mix of humour, surrealism, incompetent detection — and chickens.

    Timmy is on holiday in Florida with his mum and her new husband. With Total the polar bear hiding out in Cuba he needs a new sidekick — step up Emilio Empanada, willing if nervous unpaid intern. The description of a surprise meeting with his father for Timmy tugs at the heartstrings as well as finding the funny bone. Get ready for Halloween with this child-friendly collection of spooky stories from all over the world. Feel your pulse race and your skin tingle as you read about the fearsome witch Baba Yaga, the serpent woman from Spain, the rescue of Tam Lin from the bewitching Queen of the Fairies, how Father Death gets caught in the Enchanted Apple Tree, and the waterdwelling Bunyip from Australia.

    Make sure you have your candle ready as it's sure to be a long night This gorgeous gift book is the perfect anthology for Halloween, or any time you want to be spooked!

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    Reading Planet - Beneath the Surface and other Welsh Tales of Mystery - Level 7: Fiction Saturn Over more years than you or I can count, people have smiled as they were told tales of drowned cities and shapeshifting creatures. These Welsh legends are just stories, they say. They couldn't possibly be true Dion and Cariad are listening to two very different tales unfold. Both are convinced that the incredible events they are hearing about couldn't possibly have occurred in real life.

    But how will they feel when they are confronted with evidence that suggests fiction is actually fact? Will they believe that what took place in the past might actually happen again? Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition to sail all the way around the world. An intrepid sailor and navigator, he encountered lands and creatures that he could never have imagined, and the journey was fraught with danger and difficulty.

    Anne Frank was an ordinary girl living in extraordinary times. After centuries of mystery, the mythical Magical Unicorn Society has published its official handbook.

    These learned lovers of unicorns have created a treasure chest of unicorn lore - the facts, the fiction, the where, why and what of these elusive beasts. This is the ultimate gift for anyone who truly believes.

    A Keyboard Anthology Series 3 Book 2 No.6 Hook Air Op.37 No.17

    Discover the myth of the Gold and Silver Unicorns, and the legendary stories of the seven unicorn families. Find out about their unique powers, where they live around the world, what unicorns eat and how to have the best chance of spotting one. Learn about the history of the Magical Unicorn Society - from its foundation to the present day - and how to become a member.

    With breathtaking artwork from Helen Dardik and Harry and Zanna Goldhawk Papio Press , and stunning design and production, this special book gallops through a history of these mythical creatures and looks at their magical future. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who endured great pain and hardship, but used her bright, vivid brushstrokes to express her emotions and reveal her true personality. She created over 50 self-portraits and is considered to be one of the most influential and inspirational artists of the twentieth century. A cracking Christmas presentation box comprising a seasonal storybook and snow globe gift.

    This fully-illustrated seasonal storybook plus snow globe looks like a real labour of love, with no corners cut on the smart gift box packaging that comes replete with golden cloth lining.

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    With its mix of real-life worries and seasonal magic, this captures the feeling of being on the brink of not believing in Father Christmas and is underpinned by the message that love is the best gift of all. A stand-out feature of this series is the humorous writing which instantly engages young readers and makes the books accessible to a wide age group.

    The beautiful illustrations include some fun oddities too- an octopus playing the violin or a penguin with a bucket and spade, and these are listed at the back for readers to search for throughout the book. A recommended addition to any school library. Whether you travel on the London Underground every week as millions do or just once in a blue moon, this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book will intrigue you.

    Bring the Bolds into your home for some festive fun and frolics! Lots of fun and a perfect Christmas gift. Graphic illustrator Simon Tyler explores the extremes of our planet - and the people who venture there - in his bold and colourful style Following on from the magnificent Adventures in Space, comes a compendium on a topic closer to home - our planet, the Earth.