Guide How to Answer a Fool: Answering Foolish People Wisely- A Guaranteed Stress Reliever

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Tafadhali fuata maagizo ya kina katika Kituo cha usaidizi ili uweze kuhamishia faili kwenye Visomaji pepe vinavyotumika. I missed 2wks of work just as I was scheduled to return after surgery. After I got the pain under control, I found a new doc.

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The 1st time, I called the nurse and asked if the contract allows a patient to just get info, no treatment, from a dr about the pain stimulation. I was kicked out for that. Where is the common sense? I think u can be pretty sure if a patient asks for permission, they likely have no plans to pull a fast one. The 2nd time, I had to change 1 of my meds.

I asked my doc if there were any other treatment options that might be helpful. She put me on the med I had been on previously and quickly walked out. Shortly after, I received a letter kicking me out and stating I needed to see a psychologist. I had 2wks left of 1 of my meds. I did horrible on my finals and that may prevent me from getting into a very competitive grad program. The issue I have is that the pain gets too severe and when it gets severe, I start turning to death. Patients need some process they can turn to when a dr misdiagnosis them as a drug seeker.

Drs should have to pass along whatever evidence they have and allow an independent judge to decide if that dr needs to correct the medical records. Making false statements in their med records and leaving them at a serious disadvantage in finding a new dr who will care for them is just wrong. I think the government should take over and provide true multidisciplinary approach.

How to Answer a Fool: Answering Foolish People Wisely- A Guaranteed Stress Reliever

At least the government has an incentive to not cause patients to lose their jobs, negatively impact the patients schooling and future, come up with more effective treatments to prevent disability or help disabled patients to heal enough that they can return to the workforce as well as not overprescrib pain meds.

Just 2 months prior to the incident, I asked her husband, also a pain doc, if I could decrease or eliminate 2 meds; 1 opioid and 1 anticonvulsant and which 1 I should decrease 1st. He recommended the anticonvulsant which I planned to do once I found a job. Like alcohol, most ppl can take opioids as prescribed and never develop an addiction problem. I see a death notice about every 3mos in the TN support groups. Keep things in perspective.

In my opinion, medical professionals act a lot like drug seekers. To use patients suffering in pain as ur punching bags while u all get whatever the reward is for finding another drug seekers. Whether I was a drug seeker or not, the behavior of that dr and male nurse were inappropriate for either condition.

Hi Kim, I was warned that the pain doc I had is planning to try to accuse me of being a drug seeker. I missed my appointment in Feb. Could not get another appointment until Mar. I had not had a nerve block in four months and the doc would not write me a RX as he was going out of town from Mar. I was told to go to the ER or take over the counter products. The ER is not an option because they will not help me and over the counter does nothing for me.

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I called numerous times to try to get doc to help me , was told to do as he said. And even asked if I could see somebody else till he returned, they did not call me back.

I started to take aspirin and on the 7th. He said he would send them the message in the morning. They still did not call me. I had not taken all these aspirin at once but told them I did out of desperation. I called again on the 8th. I saw him on the 12th. I filed a greivance and my identity was revealed. Hospital says they give him free rein as to what he does.

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They all lie for each other. He states in my records that I am not an abuser or addict and is now trying to supposedly call me a drug seeker. He abused me and neglected me. He put me in situation that happened and I will not be quiet about it. Will be filing with the State Medical Board. Had surgery on abdoman on Apr. If you go to er for anything, if you pain med not working, if you have a tattoo or on pain med not helping the er I go to automatically accesses you of being drug addict or drug seeking behavior.

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And had still continued saying nothing wrong. I found great Dr. He found out what other Dr did but still never admitted to wrong doing. I had other blotches up surgeries. I get them thru pain management. Without having to depend on ppl for help all the time.

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They have meds that will control most my problems but will not let me get them. Then I would have go to Dr two to three times a Month. I hate taking pills or shots. I got a lot to live for but pain really unbearable. I am also a recovering opiate addict and it kills me to see my mom and other loved ones in so much pain because doctors are afraid to prescribe pain meds at all, even to people who really do need the.


I take alot of the blame because I used to go to the E. R too when I was withdrawing. I was in extreme pain just not the kind I told them I was in. I would always say my pain was 8,9 or 10 because all three of those seemed to get me what I needed to not be completly miserable and sick. They do catch on though so if you end up having real pain they might not believe you and that scary. Good job on almost two years clean.

I know how hard it is to get off pills. To the doctors that might read this, please dont punish all pain patients for our addictions. I have several chronic pain medical issues. Several issues my my lower back and spine. Also have complex regional pain syndrome.

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And now ive also been diagnosed with colitis. I end up in the er cause my pain and vomiting and such has become unbearable. Cause im in pain management for my back and crps, the docs stop right there and usually dont even get to see a doctor, just a nurse practitioner. I often leave feeling worse than when i went. And 4 hours later i ended up at another er getting a folley catheter, 3 days later i was back to find out i have colitis. Ive lost 16 lbs in just 3 weeks.