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We elaborated on this in the second section. Along the way, we may even de-sex the brain and behavior, while re-gendering them in unexpected ways. Additionally, and closely related, we have not yet answered the question of who primarily wants to change science and through this, society as well or who aims to alter society and through this, science as well , and if these different feminists can always follow the same common goals. Questions of participation in the making of neuroscientific knowledge easily behave as if neuroscience was the only science relevant to an emancipatory and subversive science of the brain.

It is time to raise other approaches as generative of possibilities. That is, can their function be any different than making a constructive contribution to the neurosciences?

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A political aspect of such a project is, of course, the destabilization that is achieved through deconstructing our understandings of the brain. But another way to politicize our analyses is to give analytical precedence to political conflicts over scientific controversies.

In other words, grounded in questions raised in the human and social sciences, we need to continue to produce scientific discourse about the brain as something other than a piece of biology. The brain is, can, and should be described as a cultural object, a political arena, a hegemonic and contentious figure of the human being itself.

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