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What a conniving character you may think! He greedily huffs and puffs his way through the tale until eventually he comes to a sticky end. But is he all that bad and can his presence in the tale work some good in our lives? He represents fear in its purest form.

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Or is it? One clever pig managed to save his bacon by building a secure foundation for his home, so all was not lost. Instead of taking short cuts like his foolhardy chums he put the effort in and managed to create a secure environment where he could defeat the wolf at his door. So if you spend time thinking negative thoughts and worrying for no reason, then the house of your mind becomes flimsy like the house made of straw. This makes it easy for your fear the wolf to blow it down and consume you.

If you work hard at changing the way you think and balancing your body, mind and soul, through activities like meditation, visualisation and mindfulness, then you build a strong house of the mind, like the one made of bricks. This becomes impenetrable and your fear cannot get in and take over. In essence then, the wolf and the three little pigs is a blueprint that reminds us to pay attention to our thoughts and make the time and effort to have a healthy, happy state of mind.

For some people the wolf archetype represents a person, someone who makes them feel scared or inferior. I have worked with people who compared the wolf character to a friend, colleague or even their spouse. In this scenario the wolf is full of contradictions.

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Why is he so desperate to eat Red Riding Hood? Perhaps he has a family of his own to feed? If you consider the bigger picture, the wolf is simply using all the skills and talents he has to survive. Nicholas Hancock.

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